Heritage Center & Lexington Log Cabins

Pioneer Village

At the corner of Main Street & 4th just north of the town square, Lexington Log Cabins are comprised of three authentic log cabins that have been restored and turned into a museum. One of the cabins was built by George Washington Guthrie, a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto and the Civil War. The Heritage Center houses a 1940s replica of downtown Lexington built by the late Jerry Poston.

Lexington Lob Cabins and Heritage Center feature guides costumed in period clothing and demonstrations of pioneer crafts, two of many reasons to visit this interesting example of Texas lifestyle circa 1850. Located in the middle of downtown Lexington, the Center highlights two log cabins and a corncrib, once instrumental in the lives of early pioneers in the region and now carefully reassembled on Center grounds. The Center is a non-profit educational association with a mission to collect, preserve, and interpret the history of northern Lee County. The log cabins help to interpret and archive this history, and feature authentic furnishings and artifacts of the era including tools, kitchen utensils, firearms, furniture, and tack. The Center and its exhibits also reflect the main activities of the era, farming (including raising cotton) and open-range ranching, at a time when settlers, arriving from parts north, were required to share the region with earlier human inhabitants, the Tonkawa Indians.

Lexington Log Cabins

Interior of Log Cabin c. 1850s
Photo: Lexington Log Cabins

Cabin c. 2021
Photo: Lexington Log Cabins

Heritage Center

The Lexington Heritage Center houses a model of the Lexington business district c. 1940s as constructed by the late Jerry Poston, who decided to recreate Lexington the way he remembered it when he was growing up. He would go and measure buildings and spaces; everything was built to scale. He also referenced old pictures and his memory. He hand built almost every item in the replica. For the watertower, he used parts from a fishing reel and Leggs pantyhose. He even created most of the textures using everyday household items. He felt it was important to capture our small town during that time and for future generations to see what Lexington was like “way back when”.

The replica is a trip back to the square in downtown Lexington c. 1940s
and is viewable in the Heritage Center building from 4-6 p.m.
during Nancy Perry's Celebration of Life Event.

Lexington Heritage Center

Historic Lexington Replica built by the late Jerry Poston

Nancy's Connection

Nancy Perry's tenure as a founding member of Lexington's Economic Development Corporation helped bring renewed interest and support to the Lexington Log Cabins. She served as a trustee until 2016.

Nancy also served on the Lee County Historical Commission, and helped represent Lexington as part of the commission.

Continue your stroll. A few steps toward the east along the East side of the square is: