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Farm & Ranch Supply

Jack Hardy's motto, "If we don't have it, you don't need it."

Rudolph Jones "Jack" Hardy
Photo: Family Album

Farm & Ranch Supply Hardware Store
Photo: Family Album

Perry Brothers on Trail Ride Day in front of the Farm & Ranch Supply
I. Alph Perry, Bob Perry, Sam Perry & Clifton Perry
Photo: Family Album

Jack Hardy was an enthusiastic, energetic and enterprising entrepreneur. He started the Farm & Ranch Supply in downtown Lexington in the 1970s.

Farm and Ranch Supply Advertising Calendars

The Farm & Ranch Supply would print annual calendars with "predictions" supplied by Jack Hardy.

We believe and predict: The Stock Market will blow this year (1929) and 45 years from now (1974) it will take 4 million cats to cover up the Watergate Mess in Washington. (Just Wait and See.)
Our Town Burned Yesterday (1916) and We Believe and Predict: By 1972 Lexington Will Have a City Park, Paved Streets, a Stock Law, a Fine School System, several Housing Developments, and a Fine Hardware Store owned and operated by Jack Hardy. (Just Wait and See.)
If You Think Taxes are High Now (1915) Just wait until about 1971, Then You Will Really Cry. We Predict Your Income, Your Milk Cow and Everything You Own Will be Taxed..."Just Wait and See."

Nancy's Connection

Jack Hardy was Nancy's father.

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