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Corder's Drug Store

Corder's Drug Store operated at this location in 1909 under the direction of Dr. Claude Shaffer until he retired in 1932. In 1916 the drugstore and saloon a few doors down were burned out in the fire that swept the west side of the Lexington Square, and was re-built. Mr. Fred Morris took over the the store c. 1940s, until Clifton & Myrle Perry purchased the drug store from his son, Ted in the 1970s.

Dr. Claude Schaffer
Photo: A History of Lee County Texas

Clifton & Myrle Perry
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From 1968 to 1974 Corder's Drug Store was owned by Clifton & Myrle Perry. The Perrys bought it from Mr. Fred Morris’ son, Ted Morris. Corder's Drug Store sold all kinds of over-the-counter meds, gifts, veterinary supplies, magazines, and ammunition. A favorite highlight of the store was hand-dipped Bluebell Ice Cream for 5 cents a dip served from a long marble soda fountain. Nancy's best friend, and Alph's first cousin, the late Dorothy Ann (Perry) Spence would run the store during the day, and then Myrle and Clifton would come about 4:00 to man the store.

Nancy's Connection

The owner of Corder's Drug Store, Clifton & Myrle Perry were Nancy's uncle and aunt, by marriage, as well as her neighbors. They lived along String Prairie in a stretch that was referred to as "Perryville" due to the cluster of Perrys who lived nearby. About 3.5 miles from downtown Lexington on FM 696, Clarence C. and Ina Mae Perry, Bob & Jo Perry, I. Alph & Inda Perry lived just down the road from Nancy & Alph's family place.

An interesting Perry parallel was the coincidence of Nancy's husband, Alph's and uncle Clifton Perry's life milestones.

Clifton was born September 18, 1911 and died October 12, 1974.
Alph was born September 18, 1935 and died October 10, 1998.

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